Dream Interpretation

It is a well known fact that we spend a lot of our time sleeping. And while we sleep it is not uncommon for people to dream. These are well known, undisputable facts. You can jot those two sentences on a scrap of paper, file it and be confident that the information they convey still remains true in ten years time.

"Hi I am Sigmund Freud!"

"Your dream means...you are gay."

Like many of you I too dream and sometimes I get a bit worried about the stuff that I dream about because it can get a bit batshit insane in my mind. There was the time I dreamt that I was falling UP a flight of stairs, defying gravity but still falling nontheless. If I were a dream interpretor, then I imagine that dream would mean I hold a very feckless attitude towards the laws of gravity, or that I am so dumb that I struggle to comprehend them properly.

Earlier today, no more than three hours ago, I had a dream, not a world changing Martin Luther King-esque dream which freed a generation from racial discrimination and racial segregation. No rather it was a dumb dream where this old random guy calls me a pretty girl even though I am an ugly boy. Everyone in my dream hears it but no one makes a big deal of it, a tacit acknowledgement if you will. What the does that mean? I think it means my mind is calling me a girl. Why is my mind bullying me? He is supposed to be on my team! My mind is a dick to me. We are our own worst enemies, doubting ourselves, dismantling our own self-esteem. Fuck you mind I don’t need you.

Sidenote: So people dream in colour right? And apparently people use to dream in black and white when black and white tv sets were prevalent. My question is this, how do people dream before the invention of the beloved tv? In text? What’s up with that? My mind is blown! :O

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