Warning! Low Levels of Awesome Detected!

Those who know me, know that I like words as much as I like pecs and bitches. Which if you did not already know is a lot. I have recently been enamoured with adjectives that describe objects as being animal like. So instead of saying: “Oh look! That guy is hung like a horse.” you say “Well his penis certainly is quite equine.” Or “Oh look at that guy! What a big eagle jew nose he has!” can become “Well he certainly has an aquiline nose.” All the same guy. I wanted to find a list of such words and then copy and paste it here claiming I did all the hard work but failed to find such a list. So instead I had to do all the hard work of clicking and typing and posting this rather incomplete list mysef:

Equine – Horse-y
Aquiline – Eagle-y
Feline – Cat-y
Canine – Dog-y
Asinine – Donkey…-y
Serpentine – Snake-y
Bovine – Cow-y

After some other research, I did find in fact find such a list! But only after typing all the easy ones above. Instead of completely plagiurising it (alas I am not a dick), I have decided to link to it instead.

The link is: Adjectives Animalia

Having perused the list my psittacine thirst for words has been momentarily sated. Now to satisfy my devilish lust for pecs and bitches. By the by an alternative title for this post is: Caution! High Levels of Shit Detected!

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