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I am such a horrible HOMOPHOBE!

By now, readers of this blog know that the blogger of this blog is a big, smelly racist. He has vented angrily his displeasure of filthy, stinking ethnic minorities on several occasions, spreading his vile and detestable brand of intolerant … Continue reading

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Naïve Animals

The OED has recently announced that they will remove the words naïve and gullible from the dictionary. What a terrible joke. I would not at all be surprised if you were to click away in disgust. However the lame introduction … Continue reading

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Jimmy’s Quest – Part IV

Part 4 is finally here. But where is part 1-3? Check out the Jimmy’s Quest page above. ^ *    *    * Jimmy was finding it very difficult to fall asleep (because he is an insomniac. Pay attention!). He tried … Continue reading

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Fuck a Horse

Search Engine Terms are a great little post for when you do not want to post anything but feel you should. And for my delightful little blog, the most unique and interesting one thus far has been “fuck a horse”. … Continue reading

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Unsung Heroes

I do not have any heroes. I do not know why that is. I think it is because I do not want to make gods out of men for none of us are without fault. So to take an oft … Continue reading

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A Racist’s Nightmare

I was thinking about racism again because of my deep love and high regard for bigotry. So, good friends, what is a racist person’s worst nightmare? Is it having their child marrying a filthy, stinking ethnic minority (yuck!)? Or maybe … Continue reading

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The Underlying Theme is Wall Molestation

It has been a while since my last post! Oh noes, toes and hoes! Have I lost enthusiasm for my blog again? Nope, just can’t think of anything good to post is all. So no worries there. But I have … Continue reading

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