I am such a horrible RACIST

I am Chinese and I am very proud of being Chinese, but not proud enough to learn the language properly because it is too difficult. The thing I enjoy the most about being Chinese is that through my slinty Chinese eyes everyone is a filthy, stinking minority. Unfortunately China’s grip on being the most populous nation in the world is weakening. Having invented the Kamasutra the Indians are hellbent on taking the number one spot from us by having lots of fun and procreative sex. Coupled with China’s obsession with controlling their population with the infamous one child policy (which I think pandas are taking way too seriously), I believe that China’s grip on being the most populous nation in the world will be threatened in the near future. My viewing of everyone else being a filthy, stinking minority may come to pass. So until that day comes I have to be extra RACIST!

Caucasians, you all suck.

Inuits, you are cold.

Hispanics, you are all poofs.

Native Americans, testy wankers.

Indians, awful sex maniacs.

Southeastern Asians, you smell.

Sub-Saharan Africans, jerks the lot of you.

Australian Aborigines, you have weird feet.

Afro-Americans, alliterating arseholes.

Middle Easterners, sandy.

Chinese people are jam hot.

Who else? Everyone right? If not please feel free to enlighten me as to who needs to be racially abused. I would hate for anyone to feel that they have been left out. Oh if you are mixed then you are two things. So if you are the offspring of Inuit and Middle Eastern parents then you would be cold and sandy, but certainly not candy.

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