The Underlying Theme is Wall Molestation

It has been a while since my last post! Oh noes, toes and hoes! Have I lost enthusiasm for my blog again? Nope, just can’t think of anything good to post is all. So no worries there. But I have several ideas in my mind which individually do not stand up as an adequate post. However it is my hope that when lumped together these ideas can satisfy those who are voracious for a nice meaty and nourishing post.

Tattoo Ideas For One’s Palm
Right Left on right palm
This is a HAND
Hello/Bye one on each hand
High Five Initiator
Not a Foot
Wall Molester
Shake Me
To Do List:

The Morality of Wall Molestation
Is it morally wrong to engage in weird hobbies when no one is hurt? Is wall molestation (which isn’t real, I think) or mechanophilia (i.e. being in love with cars, literally fucking cars. Which is very real, I know) morally wrong? I do not think either are morally wrong, but they do offend common standards of decency. But when no one is hurt can we really classify these deeds as wrong? I do not think we can. So just to be clear, I approve of car-fucking, wall touching and all other strange obsessions if no-one is forced or manipulated against their will in engaging in these questionable deeds.

Sexy Forbidden Love

Wall Molestation Not an Original Idea?
I do a limited form of research for most of my posts. And I always try to make sure that I am not unknowingly stealing the ideas of others to a limited extent. So when I was sitting at home trying to think of funny things, the idea of wall molestation suddenly struck me as a highly hilarious and amusing concept. I decided to google it to see if anyone else had thought of it and plenty of people have! Not only that I also found that a woman in Europe who is married to the Eiffel Tower is in love with the (now deceased) Berlin wall. Fact is indeed stranger than fiction. And it would appear I do not have within me a single original idea!

Walls are great lovers

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