A Racist’s Nightmare

I was thinking about racism again because of my deep love and high regard for bigotry. So, good friends, what is a racist person’s worst nightmare?

Is it having their child marrying a filthy, stinking ethnic minority (yuck!)?

Don't make me sick, I am going to vomit if you carry on like that.

Or maybe it is having a filthy, stinking, dirty ethnic minority being in a position of authority over them, like running their country perhaps (absolute scandal!)?

Grawr! He has a terrorist-y name! I am so angry! Where is my tea?

Or maybe it is having your country being overrun by filthy, stinking, dirty, vile ethnic minorities to such an extent that you become an ethnic minority (holy mother of fuck!)?

When did all the white peoples breed so hard? Where have my smurfy brothers gone?

I imagine that a racist’s worst nightmare is none of the above. I think the worst fate for a racist would be having the thing that you so reasonably and dearly hate become a part of you. So let’s imagine that a racist person is suffering from some sort of horrible and painful disease whereby they are in dire need of a blood transfusion or an organ transplant. On one lucky day they do indeed receive the blood or organs that they need but the donor is a filthy, stinking, dirty, vile, verminous ethnic minority. Would the racist patient accept it happily without any qualms or will they feel that their clean, fragrant, immaculate, pleasant, unpolluted ethnic majority body must not be compromised by these unwelcome foreign elements? Which would they choose?

I am guessing that they would probably choose to save their own lives and accept whatever blood or organ they can get. My hope is that if such a situation does occur, then this person might just question their own morals and see things differently after their life saving operation. However if they do not go on the soul-searching journey that I so hope they would have engaged in, it is my belief that they will instead feel incredibly disgusted about themselves because they have now within in them a part what they hate the most. The best scenario is that they refuse the treatment altogether. In fact I would begrudgingly admire them for sticking to their belief so firmly. Sure they are (dead) racists but at least they are not hypocritical racists.

So what is my conclusion? I think that a law should be enacted whereby the organs or blood of filthy, stinking, dirty, vile, verminous, repugnant minorities go to racists. The problem with this is that racists might not readily identify themselves as such and refrain from registering themselves as racists when receiving treatment. In order to circumvent this the identity of blood and organ donors should be revealed to receiving patients. This way racists will know the origins of the organs or blood that they need. If it comes from an unsavoury source, then they will hopefully have to undergo the thought process that I have mentioned above. This law if enacted will have the benefit of ironic mental torture of racists, conversion of racists to pluralists or most satisfying perhaps the death of racists. So lawmakers what think ye of me plan? I should be president of the WORLD!

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3 Responses to A Racist’s Nightmare

  1. You have my vote! Purple Chimp for President in 2012!

    • Purple Chimp says:

      Thank you my good friend. To be honest I was going to win anyway. I think I am the only person running for president of the world. Having said that your vote serves to legitimise my mandate and I truly applaud you for that.

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