Fuck a Horse

Search Engine Terms are a great little post for when you do not want to post anything but feel you should. And for my delightful little blog, the most unique and interesting one thus far has been “fuck a horse”. Someone searched fuck a horse. And then got on my website and I assume was very disappointed because of the lack of horse fucking. Why google fuck a horse? Still how frustrated must it be to google fuck a horse and then not get the thing you want. Am I apologising for not featuring horse fucking? Yes, yes I am.

Please don't fuck us 😥

Yeah, also I really dig mash ups. This one even has a great video. I dunno which is better. The video or the song. Check it out!

ViC – Kill in black with Amelie from Visu'Arts Edit on Vimeo.

Finally, don’t fuck a horse. I hope people google that instead and find my website. It is important. It is also quite dangerous. I hear that you can get impaled pretty badly by the horse member, like it can rupture your insides. Ladies and gents you have been warned. Also, penetrating a horse is no good, something about ripping your balls off. Stick to your own species, it is not that difficult is it? If you must fuck a horse, fuck someone who looks like a horse.

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