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Excelsior! All hail medical science!

I love summer, it is hot and sticky, it is sunny and it reminds me of long vacations even though I am not entitled to those anymore now that I am an unemployed member of society. When one thinks of summer … Continue reading

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I am such a horrible RACIST

I am Chinese and I am very proud of being Chinese, but not proud enough to learn the language properly because it is too difficult. The thing I enjoy the most about being Chinese is that through my slinty Chinese eyes … Continue reading

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HAPPY FISH SAD FISH NOT A FISH Seriously though, the sad fish is a blobfish. It is indigenous to Australia and it is facing extinction, so it has a lot of reasons to be sad. If you are sad, think … Continue reading

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First Impressions

I try to be as politically correct as I can when dealing with people I do not know. First impressions are very important and I would not like it if those who meet me for the very first time view … Continue reading

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