Feminism is horse manure!

Don't marry him, it will only doom you to a life of unhappiness.

I wanted to do a post on how a study showed that attractive women have better marriages if they married men who were less attractive than them. I wanted to do such a post because I am ogre-like. Actually not ogre-like, I am not that type of ugly…I am the unattractive nerd-like type of ugly (not to be confused with geek-chique which was all the rage couple seasons ago). The type you see and assume is very good at math, science and not being with women (ironically I suck at mathematics). I was going to say all these funny things about how I would be a great and thorough lover and then cry myself to sleep whilst hugging myself or something to that pathetic effect. Then I was all like: “NO.” Instead I will talk about feminism and why I dislike it.

The idea behind feminism is noble and it is something which I would heartily support. For example, I was very glad to hear that women’s rights activists in Saudi Arabia decided to protest the female driving ban by erm…driving. Sure they were arrested for their perceived insolence, but thankfully they have been released. Hearing news like this depresses me because such laws exists but it also pleases me that women decided that these laws were balls and decided to openly break them. I love the idea of gender equality because I understand what it feels like to be discriminated against (It is true! I grew up as a filthy, dirty, stinking ethnic minority, I was the child of immigrant parents), I understand that insidious invisible discrimination exists and I know that it can be damaging and demoralising.

So what is it about feminism that I dislike the most? It is the insistence of certain feminists that language become gender neutral. Why does this annoy me? Because hypocrisy. Feminists are angry because certain words in the English language carry male connontations, these gender biased terms implies that males are superior. I would buy that argument if they changed the name of their movement to something other than FEMINISM! Practice what you preach at the very least. The name of the feminist movement implies that all men are chauvinists. It alienates men who actually support gender equality. I understand that this is a small, petty concern. But I am a small, petty man who hates inconsistency. A. It is confusing, secondly it is plain lazy.

Goodness and wisdom leaks out of each and every one of our orifices!

While we are at it affirmative action also rubs me the wrong way. I guess the theory is nice. Where two IDENTICAL candidates of opposite gender are applying for a job, the less represented gender must get the job. Fighting discrimination with discrimination. Law makers obviously never played pokémon when growing up. When two pokémon of the same type attack one another with the same attack type “It’s not very effective…” (except dragon type, I know but still it was a great flawed metaphor). There is a lot of wisdom in pokémon. How does focusing on gender when we ought to ignore gender solve the problem of gender discrimination? If anything it is sending a bad message. When you can’t tell which candidate is better, discriminate, because discrimination is the ultimate solution to gender discrimination. You don’t need a phd in logic to know that does not work. How should we solve this conundrum where it does arise? Ho! I may be a bit whiny but I also like to offer solutions. Fargle for the job or toss an unbiased coin.

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4 Responses to Feminism is horse manure!

  1. such a funny post!!!

  2. When the herstory of feminism is written, you will be listed in the index under “o” (for oink)! 🙂

    • Purple Chimp says:

      Right, they miss the mark. Etymologically speaking, history does not carry any male connontations.

      Still being recorded in the annals of “herstory”, what an a honour. There is no way I can attain any recognition in regular history. So from where I am standing, being oinky-pants is actually a win-win situation.

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