Jimmy’s Quest – Part V

Here we go. Part V! So many parts so little time. A short synopsis of the preceding parts can be found in the Jimmy’s Quest page located above.

*   *   *

Jimmy woke up the next morning feeling delightfully refreshed from a good night’s sleep. As is often the case, Jimmy was very moved by the dreams that he had dreamt the night before. He was especially fond of relaying his dreams to friends because they are relevant and interesting topic of conversation. Like most people, Jimmy maintained a dream diary. He believes that dreams are a window into the mind of the dreamer. For Jimmy, his goal in life was to know himself and to find the one who will love him. Just as Jimmy was about to commit his dream to paper, his knocker began to knock. Jimmy was very surprised to find that someone was visiting him so early in the morning. Unlike most people, Jimmy was more than happy to receive guests in the morning, for him there is no struggle to look presentable because he sleeps in a suit. (He does suffer from horrid morning halitosis though).

Not Rance Mok

Jimmy opened the door to find a toned and well-tanned lady smiling at him. Her eyes twinkled brightly almost blinding those who dare to look at them with unbridled positive energy (please note she is not Cyclops or Superman). She was dressed in what can only be described as Indiana Jones-y attire because she was wearing a hat.

“Good morning, you are Jimmy, is that correct?” chirped the lady girl in a cheerful tone. “The registered owner of a camel called Lumps “The Humps” O’Flynn?”

“I am and you are?”

“I am Rance, Rance Mok. I am a professional seeker.” Declared Rance proudly. “I look for important things that people have lost. My current employer has hired me to find her long-lost brother. May I come in?”

“Sure, please come in and have a seat. Do you want anything to drink?” Asked Jimmy while gesturing her toward his armchair.

“Yes please, may I have a glass of pomegranate juice?” said Rance as she plopped her rucksack next to the armchair, absorbing the various sights of Jimmy’s room. She was especially fixated upon Sir Hooty McHoots III, so fixated was she that she failed to notice that Jimmy had returned from the kitchen with two glasses of chilled pomegranate juice until he said. “So, how can I help you Rance?”

She immediately turned to face Jimmy, “Oh, thank you.” Said Rance beaming brightly. “Jimmy, can I tell you a story? A tale of petty hatred, black magic and sibling love.”

“Please, go ahead. I am very fond of stories.”

“Alright, here goes.”


Tataouine: A real place

Once upon a time in a galaxy close, close to here lived a pair of unidentical twins named Elia and Kuel in the desert city of Tataouine. Unfortunately for these two children their father passed away when they were both very young leaving them to the care of their evil stepmother Vedra. Like all stepmothers, Vedra despised her stepchildren with a passion. The two children often went hungry until one day they decided to escape from her vexatious care. Unbeknownst to the two children, their stepmother was a witch who wielded a dark force. Although she was happy that the twins were gone she still obsessed over their wellbeing, spying on them regularly with googlemaps earthview. Once she found them, she casted a potent spell over all oases in the surrounding region so that anyone foolhardy enough to drink from them would transmogrify into a wild animal.

Kuel was very thirsty and very tempted to drink from the oasis. It was when he was about to drink from it that Elia received a tweet from a nearby vulture. “dont drink h2o vedra cursed it if drink turn 2 lion lulz” Elia stopped Kuel from drinking the water, fearing that if he turned into a lion, he might rip her to shreds. Kuel agreed unwillingly, but insisted that he must drink at the next oasis. Soon afterwards the twins came across another oasis. Just as Kuel was about to drink from this second oasis, the same vulture tweeted “this watr iz cursed 2 turn in2 snow leopard!” Elia once again prevented Kuel from drinking the water asserting that he would melt if he were to turn into a snow leopard. Kuel did not want to die young and leave a watery corpse; he wanted to die old leaving a wrinkled corpse. The siblings came across a third oasis. Kuel could not control his insatiable god thirst; he did not care whether the water was cursed with magic or cholera. He immediately ran to the body of water, drinking heartily from it, savouring each drop. As the mouthfuls of water passed his lips, his shape took that of a camel. Elia was very pleased that Huel transformed into a camel, no more long walks for me she thought to herself. But before she could mount her brother, he dashed away. Elia was heartbroken and distraught that her brother had left her. She wept day and night.

Several minutes later the local king heard her crying, he ventured into the oasis to examine the source of the noise. When he found Elia, he was struck by her beauty and immediately asked for her hand in marriage. She agreed, but the marriage brought her no joy. No, she remained glum in her palace. The king could not bear to see his wife so sad, so he decided to execute her. His aides advised him to find out the reason for their queen’s sadness instead. The king heeded their advice and found out that Elia was sad because her brother was away from her. He vowed to find Kuel for her and decreed that whomever finds him will be granted an unlimited supply of honey.

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4 Responses to Jimmy’s Quest – Part V

  1. Well, I guess now I’ve gotta read parts I-IV because I liked part V. The only thing I didn’t like is that I was hoping for a nice slow execution, but then you would have had a segue problem, so I can understand why you didn’t whack Elia just yet.

    • Purple Chimp says:

      Hey cool man! I am so glad that you enjoyed the story. To be honest I was comtemplating pulling them from the site. Your comment prevented that. I imagine millions are cursing you right now, so live with that. Part IV is my fave part, I recommend it.

  2. hey man
    I had to see who ‘Purple Chimp’ was

    I read this part first and it was hilarious!
    I like modestly-named heroes

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