The Author
Purple Chimp has come to the inescapable conclusion that he is a boring anorexic jockey-esque person thing. In order to fill his vast unoccupied days with activities other than “self-adulation”, he has decided to set up this blog to fill said vast unoccupied days. In it he will discuss the most mundane and pedestrian of topics in order to, paradoxically, entertain himself.

He is currently pursuing a career in professional unemployment. He is trying to devise a way of monetizing this endeavour. While it has not proven fruitful thus far, he is eager in persevering through these difficult and chastening times.

Through this website he will inflict upon the unsuspecting reader his asinine musings on a wide range of topics. For example he might, on any particular given day, engage in some geopolitical commentary. Chances are he won’t but it might happen. More probable would be posts in which he will try to induce you to laugh as he attempts to be funny.

Instructions For Enjoying this Blog
1. Read post/s
2. Listen to the music where provided
3. Contemplate the subject matter of the post
4. Lol where appropriate
5. Post a reply
6. Recommend to friends (or enemies)!
7. Touch yourself…on the face…with a cat…
8. Be super happy forever (not optional)

Contact Info
Please send hatemail to: iwontreadthis[at]fuckyou[dot]com
All other enquiries: purplechimpbbb[at]gmail[dot]com


2 Responses to About

  1. Hi there B, B and not at all B

    how have you been?

    I am nominating you for ‘The Versatile Blogger Award’, a peer award that will bring a few more readers to your wonderful blog. It will also be much deserved recognition for your work. The award comes with a ‘your mission if you choose to accept it…’ routine. Check out the latest post on my blog for the details.

    This message will not self destruct in 5 seconds.

  2. I had been wanting to read the rest of Jimmy’s adventures but could not find a link to your blog.

    After much searching, I figured out ur url would be there in the ‘Likes’


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