Jimmy’s Quest

My blog features an insane romance novelette I am writing for a friend of mine. Please read it and not hate it. If you are a publisher, don’t waste your time. There is better stuff out there, I am sure of it. If you are not, then enjoy.

Synopsis: After years of hoarding material possessions and advancing in a career that he loved, Jimmy found out that he did not know what it felt like to be loved. As a result of this he decided to spend the rest of his days searching for the one who will love him.

Here are some words that feature in my story: He – Evil – Love – Left – Oh – Perverse – Lonely – Ever – An – Sexy – Epiphany – Robot – Eyes – Amorous – Deleterious – Mucopolysaccharidosis – You -Short -Troglodyte – Owl – Restaurant – Your

Here are some things that people have not been saying about my story:

“It is shit! No stars.” – Anonymous

“Jimmy’s Quest can cure cancer.” – Dr. Anonymous

“Not enough sparkly vampires.” – i<3edward!!!

“Waste of eyeball activity.” – Spiders

Part I can be found here
Jimmy owns stuff. He has a room, he has a robot owl, he has anal beads, he has a copy of the Qu’ran.

Part II is located here
Jimmy has found a goal in life. His goal is to be loved. He has a camel, but it does not love him. He met a bookstore sales assistant, she does not love him. Having quit his job, Jimmy needs a new job.

Part III is hiding here
Jimmy has a new job. He is a waiter for a vegetarian restaurant. He falls in love with one of the patrons, she does not love him. He got fired.

Part IV is resting here
Jimmy meets a strange but handsome man. The man performs some miracles and warns him of impending loss.

Part V is pretending to be over there, but is here
Jimmy meets a seeker. He is told a tale of magic, love and hate.


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